English Garden, Italian Kitchen: A collaboration with Crate to Plate

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Crate to Plate, London-based urban farming business bringing sustainable, local production of leafy greens to urban communities.

Working closely together, Francesco has grown several classic Italian ingredients with Crate to Plate, which are available for guests to enjoy in a bespoke menu from 17 January.

Selecting ingredients that are essential to his Italian recipes and the foundation of Sartoria’s menu, Francesco’s menu highlights Crate to Plate’s cavolo nero, rocket and basil.

Working with Crate to Plate allows us to source ingredients locally without compromising on flavour or quality. It is also brilliant to reduce the food miles of the produce we are using!

Join us in Mayfair  and enjoy four bespoke dishes, with likes of Homemade tortelli, Ligurian Crate to Plate pesto, Charcoal Trucus red romaine, saffron mayo and Grana Padano cheese, and Lemon basil panna cotta for a sweet finish.


About Crate to Plate: Crate to Plate harnesses state-of-the-art hydroponics technology and eco-friendly innovation – to grow the freshest possible produce, totally chemical and pesticide free.  Hydroponic vertical farming has proven to have essential advantages over traditional farming methods, allowing Crate to Plate to grow produce locally in urban environments. This approach uses minimal water (95% less than farming with soil), with little space required. As a result, the produce is as fresh as possible, with consistent quality, and has the highest possible nutrient value – always completely free of pesticides and toxic chemicals.