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What’s happening at Sartoria and in the surrounding Mayfair community? Find out about the restaurant’s latest events, read the latest news and cook with the latest recipes from our expert team.

News & Press

The Times

The times features Chef Francesco Mazzei as he shares simple recipes for the perfect risotto. Read More >

The Times

Chef Mazzei is featured in The Times Online article as he comments and gives a recipe regarding the best way to make a Tiramisu. Read More >

The Guardian

Jay Rayner mentions Sartoria's Seafood Fregola as a key dish in his 'The Guardian' article 'Looking for the finest French restaurants? Go to London, not Paris' Read More >

Evening Standard

Evening Standard Online's article on the Who’s Cooking Dinner' event features Chef Patron Francesco Mazzei and his involvement. Read More >

London On The Inside

London On The Inside write about the annual charity event 'Who’s Cooking Dinner?' Mentioning Francesco Mazzei as guest chef. Read More >