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What’s happening at Sartoria and in the surrounding Mayfair community? Find out about the restaurant’s latest events, read the latest news and cook with the latest recipes from our expert team.

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GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine offers their verdict on the best italian food in London, inclduing Sartoria in the roundup. Read More >

Evening Standard

When you're clocking off and you just want a relaxed yet elegant drink? Head to Sartoria for a sophisticated aperitivo on our Acqua di Parma Terrace. Read More >

Marie Claire

Whether it's delicate and refined or bougie and boozy, East, West, posh or grungy - there will be something on the menu for you, as Marie Claire have mentioned Sartoria in their ultimate guide to London's best brunches. Sign me up! Read More >

Absolutely London

Absolutely London have included Sartoria in their roundup of their best picks in London this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. Read More >

Bluebird NYC 6 Months On

Bluebird was one of the most anticipated openings of New York City in 2018. See the full update 6 months on.. Read More >