Cilento Terrace

Escape to Cilento from the heart of Mayfair this winter. A southern Italian destination that the Italians love to keep to themselves, if only to preserve the untouched magic of this coastal region.

Launching on Monday 20th November, Sartoria’s terrace will be transforming, to help transport you away to this enchanted area of Italy.

With Disaronno based winter cocktails such as Cinnamondust, with Amaretto, Italicus, Martini Bianco and Cinammon Bitter for £11, or the Milano Sour with Amaretto, Chartreuse Yellow, Lemon Juice, and Fresh Redcurrant for £11. The cocktails are of course complimented by some delicious cicchetti courtesy of Chef Patron Francesco Mazzei, including lamb stew, roasted cauliflower lasagne, and a sweet ending of the Sartoria tiramisu with a Disaronno shot for £15. Your taste buds will be transported to coastal Italy before you have a chance to say aperitivo!



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