Mindful City

D&D London’s latest campaign, Mindful City, has been launched with the idea of encouraging us all to take a little more time to slow down and appreciate our bodies, minds and environments. Throughout the campaign and across all sites, exclusive menus have been devised alongside activities and a host of speaker series on topics ranging for alcohol free living, clearing the mind, and how to source products ethically.

At Sartoria, Chef Patron Francesco Mazzei has created a vegan chocolate cake to help us all enjoy a sweet end to a meal without the consumption of animal products. Priced at £6 and available from our A La Carte menu.

We will also be hosting a Food Meets Fashion event with Ozwald Boateng and Francesco Mazzei, during which the pair will speak of sustainable cooking and fashion design, how to source the correct produce and use it respectfully.

For more information call us on 020 7534 7000  or email sartoriareservations@danddlondon.com.